3 Valuable Benefits of a Mobile Notary

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3 Valuable Benefits of a Mobile Notary

When executing some documents, fraud can be widespread. However, when you have a notary public present at the time of signing, it is preventable. In addition to ensuring the signatories are not signing due to intimidation or threats, the signatories must prove their identities. However, going to an off-site location for notarization can be irritating. Consider utilizing a certified mobile notary public, who offers many benefits to all parties.


In suburban areas and highly populated cities, there are many mobile notary services available for hire. You can go through your local yellow pages or search the internet to obtain a list of notaries who will go to your location. If you are in a location where notaries are scarce, you can hire the services of a mobile notary public to come to your location to validate documents.

More Efficient Transactions

Traffic is frustrating and transportation can be time-consuming when traveling in congested areas. Rather than traveling to another location or an office, you can have a mobile notary public come to a location of your choosing. They understand that your time is valuable and better spent on professional or personal tasks rather than stuck in rush hour traffic. Furthermore, notary services can work on your schedule.

Reasonable Cost

Mobile notary public costs may vary from state to state. The reason being that different jurisdictions allow a maximum fee that notary publics can charge for their professional services. Generally, a flat fee is charged for the first document with each additional notarial act charging a lower fee. When you are dealing with a mobile notary public, you can also expect a fee for mileage and/or travel time. However, you may spend less on a mobile notary as compare to the business opportunities and money you may lose.