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Why Are Documents Notarized? Ensure Your Paperwork is Processed Correctly

Posted by on Jan 25, 2020 in Blog | Comments Off on Why Are Documents Notarized? Ensure Your Paperwork is Processed Correctly

Why Are Documents Notarized? Ensure Your Paperwork is Processed Correctly There are several documents that require notarization, from loan papers to court documents. If you are in need of a notary, it is important to understand why this individual’s stamp and signature are required. In general, documents are notarized to stop fraud and ensure that paperwork is executed properly. The notary public is responsible for the signers who appeared before them and must check that they have the proper identification before moving forward. The Notary Public The term notary public is used to describe someone who can provide notary services. In every instance, the notary public will officiate the signing of documents and will ensure that the documents are filled out and signed correctly. The signers are also provided with information, so they fully understand what they are signing and are doing so willingly. For a document to be notarized, it will need to have text that commits the signer in some form or fashion. The original signature of the signer is required and not a photocopy. A notarial certificate will have to appear on the document or an attachment of the certificate. A certificate can easily be provided via such service companies as Certified Mobile Notary & Friendly Neighborhood Process Server. Different requirements are needed if the notary is witnessing a signature. If the certificate of the notary states the following: “subscribed and sworn/affirmed to me” then the document must be signed in the presence of the notary. If the document has been signed already, the notary asks the person to sign it again. This will be done above or below the signature. With an acknowledgment, the notary does not have to be present during the signing. However, the person who signed the document must be present and state they are the signer. Notaries can also provide verbal verification and have the individuals involved take an oath. In some cases, an oath is required for the signer before the execution of the document can be completed. Depending on the individual, the notary can ask them to swear that the statements in the document are true or affirmed, based on religious...

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Certified Mobile Notary & Friendly Neighborhood Process Server

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If you’re interested in learning more about a certified mobile notary and friendly neighborhood process server, then you have to find out how these services work and what comes with using them. If you have specific questions, you can give them a call and they will come to wherever you might need them or just answer any questions you might have about their services. That is one of the biggest reasons why someone would use this service over any others. They come to you. If you need them to meet you at your home, office, or other official places of business, they are able to do so. They just need to be contacted ahead of time and they can make sure to provide an appointment to meet with you. They are mobile, and they do cover a wide area. Call a Professional Who Knows What to Do When it comes to calling in a professional, you want to make sure to call in someone who is able to provide the help that you need. Once you do, you are going to feel confident using their services again and again. Notary services are often needed for a variety of reasons, but if you are in a profession that requires their help often; then using mobile services may provide a way for you to save time, money and headaches from happening. Never have to worry about not having someone on hand when they are needed, but also do not hire a notary full time. This helps companies reduce the amount of overhead they have to spend on finding and retaining employees.   Speak with the professionals who provide the certified mobile notary and friendly neighborhood process server services. You simply just need to call, and they will come out when you need them to and provide the qualified services you’re looking...

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3 Valuable Benefits of a Mobile Notary

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3 Valuable Benefits of a Mobile Notary When executing some documents, fraud can be widespread. However, when you have a notary public present at the time of signing, it is preventable. In addition to ensuring the signatories are not signing due to intimidation or threats, the signatories must prove their identities. However, going to an off-site location for notarization can be irritating. Consider utilizing a certified mobile notary public, who offers many benefits to all parties. Availability In suburban areas and highly populated cities, there are many mobile notary services available for hire. You can go through your local yellow pages or search the internet to obtain a list of notaries who will go to your location. If you are in a location where notaries are scarce, you can hire the services of a mobile notary public to come to your location to validate documents. More Efficient Transactions Traffic is frustrating and transportation can be time-consuming when traveling in congested areas. Rather than traveling to another location or an office, you can have a mobile notary public come to a location of your choosing. They understand that your time is valuable and better spent on professional or personal tasks rather than stuck in rush hour traffic. Furthermore, notary services can work on your schedule. Reasonable Cost Mobile notary public costs may vary from state to state. The reason being that different jurisdictions allow a maximum fee that notary publics can charge for their professional services. Generally, a flat fee is charged for the first document with each additional notarial act charging a lower fee. When you are dealing with a mobile notary public, you can also expect a fee for mileage and/or travel time. However, you may spend less on a mobile notary as compare to the business opportunities and money you may lose.  ...

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Skip Tracing 101: What You Need To Know

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Skip Tracing 101: What You Need To Know In the legal world, the term skip tracing is used to describe a method in which people are located. From divorce proceedings to defense cases, individuals involved can be hard to find. Having access to skip tracing services is beneficial as special tactics are used to locate the person so they can be served or found due to lack of information. So, how is skip tracing completed? With skin tracing, the professional providing the service will collect information on the individual who needs to be found. This information will include last known address, employment, etc. The info is then analyzed and verified and used to find the location of the individual. A skip tracer will use several resources, including databases to college the information needed to find the individual. Credit reports, job applications, loan applications, phone number databases and utility bills are only a small portion of areas where skip tracers will search to find an individual. Putting the pieces of information can usually result in finding the individual’s location. Who Can Benefit? Attorney’s often use the services of skip tracers like that of the Certified Mobile Notary & Friendly Neighborhood Process Server. With access to these services, hard to find witnesses or defendants can be located for court cases. While an attorney’s office works on a case, they can provide what information they have on an individual and rely on the skip tracer to locate them. This allows the attorneys to focus on the elements of the case while another party is searching for potential witnesses or defendants in the case. The services of a skip tracer can also be provided for debt collection needs. Debt collection companies can hire skip tracers to locate individuals who have a debt that needs to be paid. This is another tactic used if phone numbers or the given address is not providing contact with the debtor. Skip tracing is commonly used to serve summons for court, for witnesses as well as defendants along with debt collection. Being presented with such papers is an official notification and the individual is required to attend court in lieu of legal...

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How to Find a Man Wanted on Child Support

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How to Find a Man Wanted on Child Support Men wanted on child support like to avoid paying for their child or children. They will either leave town or hide out at a friend or relative’s house. A lot of the times the friend or relative will lie for them when law enforcement goes to their residence looking for them. It can take months and even years before the man is found. In Los Angeles and Orange counties, it is much easier to find a man wanted on child support. Through skip tracing all avenues of where the man could be is searched. The last known address and his usual hangout are not the only places that are searched. A lot of the times people who lie for the person being charged. It is important for family and acquaintances to tell the truth. The skip tracer wants to find the man as soon as possible, so he can start paying back this debt, which is child support. Child support is serious. He shouldn’t run away from his responsibility. A real man doesn’t run from his children. A woman who wants to find the father of her children can feel comfortable in knowing that services are available 24 hours a day. As soon as it’s reported that the man needs to be located, a skip tracer will get right on it. Skip tracing takes time because all avenues of finding the man are looked at, including organizations, schools, and place of work. Once the man is located, he can go on with his life as long as he starts paying on his child support. In some cases, the man is arrested for evading child support. The people that lied for him are arrested as well. Skip tracers mean business and they take their job seriously. They are willing to do whatever it takes to find the...

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