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What is a Process Server?

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What is a Process Server ? In the legal field, a process server is a term used to describe an individual who informs an individual of being summoned or of other legal matters. Process servers were first created as a messenger system of sorts in order to provide individuals with legal papers as they are dispersed by the court. An individual working as a process server will perform a number of tasks including filing court papers, document retrieval, and serving legal documents. A process server will take such documents and deliver to the individual, then have to provide evidence that the...

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Benefits of Skip Tracing for Landlords

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Benefits of Skip Tracing for Landlords Becoming a landlord is never easy. Once you purchase rental property and begin working with tenants, you soon see the process can be quite difficult. Many individuals are hard to work with and you may find that tenants leave their home without paying rent for one month or even several months. You cannot successfully run a business when you are not paid the monthly fee that is accrued by individuals living within your dwelling. To help find these individuals and get your money, consider skip tracing services. Skip tracing is a technique that involves...

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What to Do When You Get Served Divorce Papers

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What to Do When You Get Served Divorce Papers You’ve received divorce papers from your spouse. You’re sad, angry, and confused. So how do you go about this overwhelming dilemma? Here are a few tips to hopefully help you through. Know that divorce papers have a particular deadline awaiting your response. Write that date down on your personal calendar and don’t ever forget it. Meanwhile, use what time is left prior to the deadline for a little soul searching. A divorce petition can be absolutely overwhelming and confusing. Although it will be tough to pull the reins on your violent emotions at...

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A Little Legal Help

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A Little Legal Help We are living in an age where having your own business has gotten more popular than ever. This is especially true for the younger generations but there is a definite rise in the older ones too. Building up your own business, whether you are doing it independently, by acquiring a franchise or even by partnering up with someone of your trust, is a lot of hard work. One of the hardest parts about it is getting the gears turning. At first, it might seem like you need to take care of everything yourself; this is especially true if you don’t have a large budget. So, in order to...

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Getting the Paperwork in Order

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Getting the Paperwork in Order One of the biggest decisions you can make in life is buying a property. Whether it’s an apartment, a house, a condo, your first time buying or your fifth, it is still a major decision that no one should take lightly. Even if you’ve done it before, this is the kind of thing that you don’t do all that often in life (unless, of course, you’re a real estate agent or you invest in real estate). As such, it might not be something you will be an expert at and, considering the relevant amount of money that goes into this kind of transaction, you probably want to make...

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