The Best Help You Can Get

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Whether you need notary services, can’t quite figure out how to work out a loan signing process or need some sort of legal document assistance, these are instances when your best option is calling a professional. Yes, a lot of us try to save a few dollars by trying to work these things out ourselves; however, it might not be the best idea. By hiring a professional you are not only ensuring the job gets done right and that you don’t put yourself in any risky situations, you will also save yourself a considerable amount of time and, maybe more importantly, frustration once you figure out you...

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How can a Process Server Assist me in my Legal Dealings?

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The term process server is one that many individuals have heard but are unfamiliar with. The term refers to an individual who is a trained professional in serving paperwork such as official documents including divorce papers or court summons. The purpose of a process server is to assist an individual in their legal dealings with others to avoid controversy. Divorce When divorce is filed by an individual, the spouse will need to be served with divorce papers. The spouse has the right to sign or not sign the divorce papers. If the couple are on good terms then there is no issue but when the...

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Why Do I Need a Notary?

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If you have ever had to have legal documents filled out and returned to a business or federal facility, you may have needed to use a notary. Many people have no idea what a notary is and how to find one. It is important that you become familiar with the notary process so that you can have access to assistance when you need it. Below is a short guide to what a notary is and what services they provided. What is a Notary? An individual who is known as a Notary Public has been appointed by the state government to serve the public as a witness for fraud-deterrent acts in relation to the signage...

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Get your Documents in Order Legally with Certified Mobile Notary

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For all your legal document producing, filing, and running needs, the Certified Mobile Notary & Friendly Neighborhood Process Service is here to bail you out. Find us in San Pedro, CA today, and let us know how we can help you.   Mobile Notary Service and Loan Signing Agent We specialize in preparing and filing legal documents, which include loans and notary. With our experienced staff, we’re familiar with the process, the terms you need to use for such documents, and the requirements needed to have them made. We’ll guide you along the process of creating any document you need,...

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What is Skip Tracing and How Can it Help?

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Skip tracing is the process of locating someone who is not at their last known address, or their location cannot be immediately established. This process can be used for the purpose of debt collection, finding a witness, or a defendant who is required to comply with certain judicial processes. The task is often performed by a process server. Process servers are used to perform certain tasks that are required for an individual, often the defendant, involved in a court case. It can be used to serve court papers to an individual who will be otherwise difficult to find. There are many methods...

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Why You Should Consider Getting the Services of a Mobile Notary

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Why You Should Consider Getting the Services of a Mobile Notary A mobile notary is a more convenient option and has many benefits for those that are in need of the services. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider enlisting the services of a mobile notary. Time Saving With a mobile notary you do not have to worry about long lines that take away valuable time from your busy day. A mobile notary will come and find you, whether you are in an office, or in the comfort of your home. It is ideal for those who have a busy schedule and do not have the time to spare waiting in long...

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