How can Finding Witnesses Save their Lives

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How can Finding Witnesses Save their Lives

Finding witnesses to help solve a crime is important because it can give family members peace of mind knowing that there was someone else there when their loved one was around. Witnesses may have viable information pertaining to a case that could either lead to an arrest or clear a suspect of any charges. The information received could possibly locate the lost loved one safe and alive. Witnesses are often terrified to answer any questions because it could jeopardize, not only their safety but their loved ones as well. In some cases, witnesses can be placed in witness protection for their safety.

Skip Tracing

Locating witnesses is simple with the use of skip tracing. Skip tracing allows the witness to be located no matter where they are. They can even be located if they have changed work or residences. The quicker the witness can be located, the quicker they can give the authorities the information they need to locate individuals who may or may not be in trouble. Even if the witness isn’t of any value to the authorities, they still need to be able to be located and served the appropriate documents.

Friendly and Professional

Feeling confident in knowing the process server is going to make the witness feel important will make the witness want to cooperate more. The process server will have their badge showing who they are. Witnesses feel intimidated when anyone with badge approaches them. Process servers are courteous and professional when it comes to serving the witnesses. Any questions that the witness may have can be answered by the process server. If not, the process server should be able to give the witness information to contact the appropriate department. Witnesses are more likely to follow up if the first meeting is friendly and professional.