Top 3 Advantages of Hiring a Professional Process Server

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Top 3 Advantages of Hiring a Professional Process Server

Court cases are already stressful and difficult on its own, how much more if you do not have the right person who can ensure that all your legal documents and relevant court papers are forwarded to the proper party effectively and efficiently. While you have the option of hiring a deputy sheriff or a professional process server to do this job for you, below are just three of the many benefits why you should rely on and hire a registered process server:

Peace of Mind
Attending to court cases can cause you sleepless nights and a great deal of stress especially since there is tons of paperwork to accomplish, file, and serve. If you hire a professional process server, you can be sure that one of the more important legal tasks is taken care of. You can relax a bit knowing that someone who knows what he is doing got you covered in this area.

Expertise and Experience
A registered process server has an appreciation and understanding of the requirements of the courts with regard to process serving. He knows exactly what he needs to do and he is clear about his boundaries (rules of court). Most importantly, he knows various techniques and strategies that can help him get through difficult serves.

A survey conducted among a hundred paralegals, legal assistants, and legal secretaries revealed that a professional process server has a success rate of 92% which is much higher compared to the 78% success rate of sheriffs. This means that there is a much greater chance that your court proceedings will go smoothly and without delay.

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