What is a Process Server?

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What is a Process Server ?
In the legal field, a process server is a term used to describe an individual who informs an individual of being summoned or of other legal matters. Process servers were first created as a messenger system of sorts in order to provide individuals with legal papers as they are dispersed by the court. An individual working as a process server will perform a number of tasks including filing court papers, document retrieval, and serving legal documents.

A process server will take such documents and deliver to the individual, then have to provide evidence that the papers were served. Verification must be provided and is considered an affidavit of service to prove that the papers were presented to the individual in question. The evidence must be notarized and then given to the individual or company that has required the paperwork be served.

One reason a process server is used is that they are unknown to the individual who is being served. In many cases, an individual will avoid their spouse, company or other individuals because they know they are going to be served papers. A process server is a stranger so they can present paperwork to the individual without the person avoiding taking the paperwork.

Companies or individuals will hire process servers via companies such as Certified Mobile Notary & Friendly Neighborhood Process Server in order to serve papers without delay. The main reason that process service is needed is to be able to uphold the due process of the United States. Another reason is that the server can be effective and appropriate in serving papers, without conflict or issue. If papers are not served correctly, then the court cannot rule on a case that relates to the individual.

If service of the paperwork is found to be improper, a case can be thrown out entirely. So, it is essential to hire a quality process server company in order to ensure your paperwork is delivered in a timely and accurate manner.