What to Do When You Get Served Divorce Papers

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What to Do When You Get Served Divorce Papers
You’ve received divorce papers from your spouse. You’re sad, angry, and confused. So how do you go about this overwhelming dilemma? Here are a few tips to hopefully help you through.

  • Know that divorce papers have a particular deadline awaiting your response. Write that date down on your personal calendar and don’t ever forget it.
  • Meanwhile, use what time is left prior to the deadline for a little soul searching. A divorce petition can be absolutely overwhelming and confusing. Although it will be tough to pull the reins on your violent emotions at this volatile phase in your life, you should try your hardest to maintain sound reasoning. It’s only natural to feel anger and resentment toward your supposed better half, but never lose your composure or let your anger loose onto your soon-to-be ex. Understand that you don’t own that person and you can’t force him or her to keep on loving you. Avoid talking to him or her directly if you haven’t totally come into grips with your emotions, especially now that legal action has been taken.
  • To keep you from doing anything rash and legally suicidal, try to keep your children in mind. Divorce is already an ugly experience. Don’t make it even more so for your kids. While it may be tempting to fight tooth and nail against your spouse, be extra sensitive and cautious when the kids are around. As unfortunate as it can be, the children almost always end up as collateral damage in nasty divorce cases. When anger and self-pity pop back up, remembering your beautiful kids will hammer these destructive emotions down to keep you level-headed and calm.
  • Once the raw emotions have subsided and you’ve somehow come to terms with the impending divorce, carefully plan how to respond and what action to take. If you can’t afford a divorce attorney all throughout the often lengthy divorce process, hire a reputable legal process server to help you with the often confusing legal processes. Try Certified Mobile Notary & Friendly Neighborhood Process Server in Los Angeles and Orange County.