Why Use a Notary Public?

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Why Use a Notary Public?

Notary publics can be very helpful when it comes to legal documents. If you are unsure of what you are signing, or just want to be sure you are doing things correctly, notary publics can be of great use to you. They can do much more than provide their stamp of authenticity. Find out what else they can help you with below.

Provides Explanation of Legal Documents

A notary will first and foremost provide an explanation of the legal documents that are being reviewed. The notary will make sure that all parties involved receive a thorough explanation of the documents and completely understand what they documents are stating prior to the individuals signing the documents. This is helpful in that many legal documents use wording and language that people outside of the legal profession are not familiar with, and they can be difficult to understand. It is important to know what you are signing.

Ensures Documents are Signed Correctly

For legal documents to be considered binding, they must be signed correctly. This can include signatures, initials, and other forms of signing throughout the documents. With so many places to sign and particular ways to do so, a notary can be helpful in explaining how to sign the documents and then reviewing them so that they are signed correctly.

Provides a Witness

Finally, a notary serves as a witness that the individuals involved signed the documents in question knowingly, of their own will, and fully understanding the documents that they were signing. This is necessary for many situations, including divorces, child support, loans, etc.

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