Why You Should Rely on Process Serving Services in Eviction Cases

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Owning a building and several properties for lease can be exciting and profitable considering you are making money without having to “work”. The only downside to your situation is that you are dealing with people who can cause you problems later on. When this happens, you have the option to file an eviction case to essentially get rid of your problem. Unfortunately, the process can be tedious and stressful which is why you need to get as much help from professionals as possible particularly when it involves serving documents.

Here are several reasons why you should rely on professional process servers for cases of eviction:


Due process dictates that your tenant receives a written formal notice about the eviction process. if this basic requirement is not met, you can be liable for wrongful eviction. When you rely on a professional process server, he or she will ensure that all notices and legal documents are hand delivered to and properly received by the concerned tenant.


Serving the documents yourself can be taxing especially if you do not live near the property you are leasing. It can also be stressful to meet with your problematic client every time. You can save a lot of time and energy, and maintain peace of mind if you hire a process server to do the work for you.


Your problematic tenant can intimidate or threaten you when you serve the notice or documents yourself. Instead of having to go through such a terrible ordeal, using a process serving service will relieve you of the trouble.

The above mentioned benefits are just some of the reasons why landlords should never dismiss the option of hiring professional process servers from a reputable company like Certified Mobile Notary & Friendly Neighborhood Process Server. This company has been providing outstanding process serving, legal documents assistance, loan signing, and general notary public services to numerous clients for over three decades. Get in touch with them today for more information.