Young Homeowner and a Notary

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Young Homeowner and a Notary

Regardless of your age, buying a home is overwhelming. Emotions can swing violently from the excitement of finally having a place of your own and the fear of investing a tremendous amount of money. The statistics of millennials regretting the purchase of their first home is not encouraging either. While having reservations is normal, the assistance of your notary can help you ease the stress.

Notary Protects You

Real estate purchases have several conditions and terms to consider. Documents such as a Letter of Intent, Promise to Purchase, Deed of Sale and the Title should be carefully scrutinized to ensure everything closes smoothly. A notary’s expertise will ensure that your interests are prioritized throughout the transaction.

Planning the Future

During the process of acquiring your new home, your notary will already be making plans for your future. They should be arranging how the Title to the property will be held such as whether a couple will hold it as “joint tenants” or as “tenants-in-common.” These considerations would have an impact on the transfer of property after your death.

Notary Will Handle Your Money 

It goes without saying that buying a home involves a lot of money. Excluding the actual sale, there will be other fees. The notary will monitor all the monetary exchange during the process. These fees may include the purchase price, the agreed down payment, taxes, insurance, the financing, and of the notary’s fee.

Can a Mobile Notary Help You?

The notary can provide both convenience and protection. Since the notary will be responsible for your money and future, building a strong relationship of trust is vital. A mobile notary can make the process even more convenient with regards to your time since they will go to you directly. Moreover, the better interaction provided by a mobile notary will aid personal interest, support, and confidentiality.